Expanded version of Tyburnia


Expanded 16mm and 8mm projection of Tyburnia.

From a performance in Aberystwyth, December 2013

Hair in the Gate

Film loop performance for 16mm projector and optical sound (Duration variable)

To Mr. R.R.G. Mann June 1962.

To Mr. R.R.G. Mann June 1962. (2011)

A collaborative work with Adam Asnan for Exhibit IV by Tract Projects. To R.R.G Mann June 1962 16 mm film (9 mins) is the first of a series of studies that serve to transcribe a collecti…

Blooms Frame of 16mm

Blooms (2011 - )

A forthcoming (unfinished) series of works which plays with the fear and neurosis of projection and archiving of celluloid film.

Frame from Grimsdyke

Grimsdyke (2008 - )

Films shot on out of date film stock in the grounds of Grim’s Dyke house in Hertfordshire where librettist W.S Gilbert drowned in 1911.

Thames Bunker

Thames Walks (2010)

A series of optical/audible, concrete/anecdotal artifacts, gathered at locations along the River Thames and performed as image and sound.

Soviet Tanks

Soviet Tanks (2012)

Performance piece taking as it’s source material the photogram of a Lomo developing tank spiral for 8/16mm film.

Frame from Champion Fix

Champion Fix (2010)

Champion Fix was made using the cheapest black and white film fixer, from which this work takes it’s name.

Light falls upon water

Ley Farm (2002–9)

Ley Farm is an expanded slide work for four carousel slide projectors with timers.

caravans two

Caravans (2005)

A four-screen film projection, which documents the destruction of two caravans on Ley Farm Lancashire. (See also Ley Farm).

Electric Fence

Electric Fence (2012)

Super 8 footage of an electric fence insulator in a field was buried in the same location and left to decompose.