Thames Bunker

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Thames Walks (2010)

Thames Walks carries itself as an exhibition of extractions. A series of optical/audible, concrete/anecdotal artefacts, gathered at locations along the River Thames and performed as image and sound. 

Thames Walks 1 from James Holcombe on Vimeo.

The work can be seen to follow a polyptych scheme – a fragmented, but thematically reciprocal collection of discrete parts. These parts are offered without a specific order in an expanded format, diffusing any sense of a teleological direction. This increases the capacity for each to be appreciated independently, as well as of a greater, episodic structure.

Thames Walks 2 from James Holcombe on Vimeo.

16mm black and white single / double screen (duration variable) with live sound performance / fixed soundtrack on CD by Adam Asnan. The work was commissioned in 2010 by Sound and Music.